12 June 2017

New investment in Bellota Brazil

Bellota Agrisolutions expands on the planter and seed drill plain edge coulter facilities with new presses and a production line so that it can also sell the fluted coulters on the Brazilian market.

Bellota Agrisolutions started making plain edge coulters in Indaial, Brazil in 2011 and since then it has consolidated itself as a leading supplier among both the local planter and seed drill manufacturers and also the international manufacturers that operate in Brazil.

The new fluted coulters for planters and seed drills are:

  • Ref. 1928. It is a tangential 18-wave coulter that is perfect to turn the soil and prepare the seedbed so that it is ready for direct seeding. It is suitable for aggressive tilling and tillage at high speeds.

  • Ref. 1995. The 13-wave coulter for good soil penetration and a moderate cut. This coulter does an excellent job at low speeds.

  • Ref. 1991. The 50-wave coulter for good soil penetration and cut. Average tilling action, but it is suitable for work on variable soil conditions.

In this way Bellota continues to be a leading international manufacturer of coulters for planters, seed drills and discs for disc harrows, with 5 production plants all over the world: Brazil, USA, Canada, Spain and India. The other production plant in Spain specializes in making cultivator tines and compression springs.

Bellota is a world leader for manufacturers of farm equipment, seeing as more than 300 manufacturers all over the world rely on Bellota to equip their farm machinery.

Apart from the discs, Bellota also makes a wide range of other parts for farm machinery including plowshares, points and moldboards. In cultivators, as well as the different models of tines, Bellota has the widest range of cultivator sweeps that have been adapted to the needs of each market and the technical specifications of the clients.