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Diferent heat treatments

The moldboards of the moldboard plows are used to turn over the soil. They have a very important role in tillage work, they can turn over about 30-50 cm of soil. There are different shaped moldboards that can be used for different types of work and soil and the desired degree of pulverization. The cylindrical and universal moldboards have an elevation angle of 40º and the helicoidal moldboards the elevation angle is 30º. The angle that determines the degree of pulverization is also different. In the cylindrical and universal moldboards the angle is between 30-35º and in the helicoidal moldboards it is between 25 and 28º. The angle that determines the degree of pulverization is the one that forms the direction of travel from the joint between the plowshare and the moldboard on the wall of the furrow and the tail piece of the moldboard.

Ref. CABCGrs.M D
1753-00 D SEMI7565297165657045
1753-00 I SEMI7565297165657045
1753-00 D75652971656570M10
1753-00 I75652971656570M10
1753-0 D CA2 556003101805360M1045
1753-0 I CA2 556003101805360M1045
1753-0 D SEMI7600310180765045
1753-0 I SEMI7600310180765045
1753-0 D76003101807650M1045
1753-0 I76003101807650M1045
1753-0 D CA176003101807790M1445
1753-0 I CA176003101807790M1445
1753-1 D SEMI76403252058780
1753-1 I SEMI76403252058780
1753-1 D76403252058780M12
1753-1 I76403252058780M12
1753-1 D CA176403252058774M1238
1753-1 I CA176403252058774M1238
1753-1 D CA2 556403252056185M1014
1753-1 I CA2 556403252056185M1014
1753-1 D UNI76403252058780M1238
1753-1 I UNI76403252058780M1238
1753-2 D CA1 666803502308600M1430
1753-2 I CA1 666803502308600M1430
1753-2 D SEMI768035023010450
1753-2 I SEMI768035023010450
1753-2 D768035023010450M12
1753-2 I768035023010450M12
1753-2 D CA1768035023010310M1428
1753-2 I CA1768035023010310M1428
1753-3 D SEMI773038025011360
1753-3 I SEMI773038025011360
1753-3 D773038025011360M12
1753-3 I773038025011360M12
1753-3 D CA1 6673038025012640M1422
1753-3 I CA1 6673038025012640M1422
1753-3 D CA1773038025011690M1424
1753-3 I CA1773038025011690M1424
1753-4 D SEMI78004302701330026
1753-4 I SEMI78004302701330026
1753-4 D780043027013300M1252
1753-4 I780043027013300M1252
1753-4 D CA1780043027013400M1426
1753-4 I CA1780043027013400M1426
1753-5 D SEMI78554702901628022
1753-5 I SEMI78554702901628022
1753-5 D785547029016280M1222
1753-5 I785547029016280M1222
I   Left
D   Right
D Articles manufactured upon order

SEMI: Without holes and treatment for drilling as required.


Ref. CABCGrs. D
1769-1 D SEMI75502452705280
1769-1 I SEMI75502452705280
1769-2 D SEMI7616285295650028
I   Left
D   Right
D Articles manufactured upon order

SEMI: Without holes and treatment for drilling as required.


Ref. CABCGrs.M
1776-2 D SEMI784037538511380
1776-2 I SEMI784037538511380
1776-2 D784037538511630M10
1776-2 I784037538511630M10
I   Left
D   Right
F Articles manufactured upon order


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