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Bellota Agrisolutions is the main manufacturer of agricultural implements worldwide, being the reference supplier for the main agriculture equipment manufacturers and dealers.
Bellota Agrisolutions offers the largest range in the market, with factories in India, Spain, USA, Canada and Brazil. Specialized in tillage, seeding or sowing. The range covers seed drill, subsoiler, disc blades for disc harrow, cultivator, chisel, tiller and plough.
The manufacturing facility in Nashik, Maharastra is specialized in the manufacture of disc with boron steel. For more than 100 years, the quality of Bellota products has been recognized worldwide thanks to the use of special Bellota Borodur® Steel and the perfect balance between hardness and tenacity to obtain the longest wearing products with no breaks.
The secret in agricultural implements is the Perfect Balance between hardness and tenacity. A high hardness assures a long lasting product but the higher the hardness is, the more fragile the product becomes. Therefore, an excellent quality is the one that has the perfect balance to guarantee a long lasting product with no breaks.
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  1. 23 October 2019

    Different new products will be presented. Visit us at Hall11 E06!

    Agritechnica 2019, Hall 11 E6
  2. 13 September 2019

    Carl Sülberg is a German manufacturer of forged guards for harvesting with a wide worldwide recog

    Carl Sülberg is a German manufacturer of forged guards for harvesting

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  • Farm work in hillside soil

    Dear all at Bellota Agrisolutions: I would appreciate it if you could give me a few recommendations on the type of farm machinery to use and the sequence of the tasks required to till the land before sowing the crops, in the context of conservation tilling or minimum tillage.

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    How does the SDF double output trailer hydraulic engine brake affect the trailer?