12 February 2015

Bellota Agrisolutions at SIMA 2015

Bellota Agrisolutions present at the farm machinery show of Paris

This is the result of a significant Bellota Agrisolutions international presence and constant investment into new products. Bellota is presenting new models of ploughing discs and complements at the SIMA Show in Paris: 

inPHInium discs: a range of the longest-lasting discs on the market, without any breakage, called inPHInium. They provide excellent balance between hardness and toughness; harmony between wear, elasticity and breakage resistance, together with thorough steel and production process control, they result in the best discs on the market. This product will have a higher level of quality to that already consolidated by Bellota, which is present is more than seventy counties throughout the world.

Tangential curved-wave discs: these discs are designed for vertical tillage; performing the work of finely breaking up the soil and are highly recommended for direct seed sowing. 

Disc with petals KIRAI: these discs are designed to work at high speed in both dry and wet soils. The petal design enhances the cutting and mixing of waste.

Strip mouldboards adaptable to Kverneland: Bellota is expanding its range of adaptable parts with strip mouldboards for the Kverneland 30 body, which is supplied with plastic spacers for correct part positioning. 

Thus, Bellota is consolidating itself as well as being a global supplier of soil-preparation and seeding machinery, being a reference for innovation and quality assurance in its sector. From its manufacturing centres in Brazil, India, Spain and the United States, where it employs over 400 people, more than six million components are produced each year and which are sold the world over. Every year it launches more than 2,000 new components onto the market. 

For further information:

Bellota at SIMA 2015: Hall 3,  B 96.