18 November 2016

Bellota in Agrotech Show

Bellota will be attending the next Agro Tech Show in Chandigarth, India (19-22 November), one of biggest shows in India of agricultural implements. In this coming edition, more than 75,000 visitors are expected, from which 35,000 are farmers from all over India.

Bellota will be present with its range of concave discs manufactured with high quality boron steel in India and with a selection of specialty blades for tillage and seeding made in Spain. The agriculture equipment is being adapted to the new requirements that farmers have and the VT-REX disc is ideal for tough residue in soft soil that needs to cut waste perfectly to penetrate it deep into the ground.

Another special disc is the Vortex, specifically designed for Vertical Tillage, which means that works the soil without turning it over to avoid mixing the various layers of the soil.

Bellota also manufacturers the disc hanger in order to offer all the components for manufacturing the disc harrow.

Bellota Agrisolutions at Agrotech Hall no. 5, stall no. 29.