Curved Subsoiler

Improves the soil and prepares it for sowing

The use of the curved subsoiler is recommended for compacted soils that require improvement of their porosity, while keeping the surface soil intact. Using the curved subsoiler such a tool you will improve water circulation and soil oxygenation, helping root growth and plant development.

In contrast to the former subsoiler, Bellota curved subsoiler cuts the soil with less resistance and the soil retains a practically flat ground surface fully ready for sowing. And, as a bonus, using the curved subsoiler will save you about 10% in your irrigation water needs.

For best results you should use the Bellota curved subsoiler in a friable soil (neither too dry nor too wet). This task will not become an annual chore: curved subsoiler you will only need to use when you see that the soil is compacted, by criss-crossing your passes over the affected area.

Information on the tine for the 900 curved subsolier:

The minimum power required per tine is 15 to 20 HP, depending on the depth to which you are working and on the local soil conditions. For example, with a 65 HP tractor you should work with a curved subsolier with 4 tines at a maximum depth of 25 to 35 cm. We advise mounting the tines of the curved subsoiler at a distance of 40 cm apart, and the two central tines 80 cm apart. Bellota has also just launched the 600 model, which is suitable for shallower work - as with vines, for example.     

  15010-600 CURVED SUBSOILER OF 600
Ref. CGrs. BABCM
15010-600 A D CA1286301001606008515009-600-KIT
15010-600 A I CA1286301001606008515009-600-KIT
I   Left
D   Right
F Articles manufactured upon order


Curved tine for subsoiler 15010-600 of Bellota Agrisolutions
  15008-600 CURVED SUBSOILER OF 600
Ref. CGrs. BABCM
15008-600 A D CA829003002302008515009-600-KIT
15008-600 A I CA829003002302008515009-600-KIT
I   Left
D   Right
F Articles manufactured upon order


Curved tine for subsoiler 15008-600 of Bellota Agrisolutions
  15009-600 CURVED SUBSOILER OF 600
Ref. CGrs. BABCM
15009-600 A40x505000170405328515009-600-KIT
F Articles manufactured upon order


15009-600 A

Curved tine for subsoiler 15009-600 A of Bellota Agrisolutions

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