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Ref.O. Ref. CGrs. BABC EM D
15055-A 80 HRS34060850121500500802431199A1285A
15055-B CP 80 HRS DURATOP00310915152000300802501199A1285A
15055-B120 HRS340608511223003001201199A1285A
15056-A D HRS34060857101700300172,5HEXM12
15056-A I HRS34060856101700300172,5HEXM12
15056-A D CA1 HRS34060857101700300172,5HEXM12
15056-A I CA1 HRS34060856101700300172,5HEXM12
15056-B D HRS34060855101250400101HEXM12
15056-B I HRS34060854101250400101HEXM12
15056-B D CA1 HRS34060855101250400101HEXM12
15056-B I CA1 HRS34060854101250400101HEXM12
15057-A 80 D HRS340608598195030080571199A1285A
15057-A 80 I HRS340608588195030080571199A1285A
15057-A 80 CENTRAL81385200803051199AM12
15057-B 100 D HRS3406085382700300100571199A1285A50
15057-B 100 I HRS3406085282700300100571199A1285A50
15058-A 80 D HRS340608638120040080571199A1285A
15058-A 80 I HRS340608628120040080571199A1285A
I   Left
D   Right
D Articles manufactured upon order

15056-A: 370 mm working width 2 wings and tine

15056-B: 240 mm working width 2 wings and tine

HEX: DIN 931 hexagonal screw and DIN 934 nut, ref. 1199H1260A without Bellota markings

CP DURATOP: Point with tungsten carbide

Fits with 2823 tine. See 2823

CA1: with four holes.


Ref. CGrs. BABC EM D
15055-C2A HRS12175050080250571199A1285A
15055-C2A-CP HRS DURATOP15213030080250571199A1285A
15057-C2A CENTRAL81230200802581199AM12
15057-A 80 D C2A HRS81300300803801199A1285A50
15057-A 80 I C2A HRS81300300803801199A1285A50
15058-A 80 D C2A HRS8800400802351199A1285A50
15058-A 80 I C2A HRS8800400802351199A1285A50
15056 C D10245020022160HEXM12100
15056 C I10245020022160HEXM12100
15056 C D AP210260020022160HEXM12100
15056 C I AP210260020022160HEXM12100
I   Left
D   Right
D Articles manufactured upon order

15056-C: 465 mm working width 2 wings and tine

DURATOP: Point with tungsten carbide

AP2 DURATOP: High resistance to wear Hardfacing material.

Fits with 2823 tine. See 2823


Ref.O. Ref. CGrs. BABC EM
15083 CP CR915776164770200803501151199AM12
F Articles manufactured upon order

CP DURATOP: Point with tungsten carbide




 Lemken Smarag
Ref.O. Ref. CGrs.ABC B EM D
1595 10 CA467910510235015019440/701251199AM12
1597-A 8 CA3374395818501002954001199AM12
1597-B 8 CA3374394818501002902501199AM12
1598 8 D CA3374398824001103003001199AM12
1598 8 I CA3374399824001103003001199AM12
1515 10 CA33743881017401202355001199AM12
1515 12 CA33743921220501202355001199AM12
1515 12 CA AP2 DURATOP33743921222501202354501199AM12100
1515 12 B CA3374386121550802355001199AM12100
1596 10 D CA3374416102100349130704501199GM12
1596 10 I CA3374417102100349130704501199GM12
1516 10 D CA3374418102035349130704001199GM12
1516 10 I CA3374419102035349130704001199GM12
1516 11 D CA3374420112635381130703701199GM12
1516 11 D CA AP2 DURATOP3374420113000380130703001199GM12
1516 11 I CA3374421112635381130703701199GM12
1516 11 I CA AP2 DURATOP3374421113000380130703001199GM12
1516B 10 D CA3374428101635249130704001199GM12100
1516B 10 I CA3374429101635249130704001199GM12100
1517 CA337435657802561743001199AM10
I   Left
D   Right
D Articles manufactured upon order

Fits with 2446 tine. See 2447

AP2 DURATOP: High resistance to wear Hardfacing material.


Tables of reference

HORSCHFITS HORSCH15083Lemken Smarag1586-1587-1588

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